Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zizzy Zing by Ursula Dubosarsky

The author's name is a real mouthful but she writes amazing and often complex books. This is her third novel. Phyllis, the main character in the book, discovers a shocking secret from the past. Whilst staying at an old convent school in the Blue Mountains, a mysterious letter arrives. It leads her on a funny and frightening journey by train to Katoomba where she meets Elizabeth who is wearing strange attire. The nun who is accompanying Phyllis, Sister Monica, suddenly disappears and then she finds herself in Elizabeth's house staring at the body of a dead child. This book has a sinister tone to it and probably would appeal to girls 11-14 years old. The title of the novel comes from an Italian street song called" Naughty Marietta" which Elizabeth plays on an old record player. Read the lyrics to the song on the following web page:

Or listen to it at this website:

I feel sorry for Phyllis having to listen to this song!

This hardback edition is now classified as "hard to find."


  1. Dear Carolyn, please forgive the author for commenting on your blog - but I came across this and was really touched to read your review - "Zizzy Zing" was my very first book, and in some bizarre way I still think of it as my best! I suppose it was very "pure" or something, just written totally from the heart without thought of publication, reception or even readers! So as I say I'm moved to read your response. And particularly thank you for linking to the quite extraordinary song! I had it on a record and as you can imagine I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing. So into the book it went...

    Anyway, sincere thanks. Yours, Ursula Dubosarsky

  2. Hi Ursula, I have just bought your book The Terrible Plop and I have a few more of your books stashed away, waiting for me to read. Thanks so much for contributing to my blog. I feel honoured. Caro :)