Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camp Fear by Carol Ellis

Published in 1993 this book is very American and could classified as a thriller or even horror. It is probably best for a mature reader but is not too over the top as far as the action goes. The prologue begins with the discovery of a body at Camp Silverlake. Then it moves forward in time when eight new counsellors begin preparations for the arrival of the children. Some of the counsellors had actually attended this camp years ago when they were younger. Now seven years on something is haunting them and turning each of their fears into reality. Turns out that the past can't hurt you but it could kill you. The plot is a little predictable but it moves along at a speedy pace. Below is a link to a list of all her other publications:

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  1. Camp Fear was a really exciting read. It started with a dead body, and each chapter began with a little note. The people were camp leaders and some had attended the camp when they were little. Someone was playing some 'jokes' on people who had gone to the camp before, based on their fears. Steve was scared of snakes, and there was a snake in his sleeping bag. It goes on in much the same way.
    It was a little bit scary, so don't read it if you have nightmares!