Tuesday, June 7, 2011

After Alice by Jane Carroll

I couldn't put this book down and read it in one sitting. Another little gem from Australian authoress Jane Carroll. It was published in 1999 and is now out of publication. The main character is Bree and her parents have adopted eight-year old Alice whose mother has recently died. She is coming to live on the farm and Bree can't wait. However, upon her arrival Alice finds the reality of having a new little sister nothing like she had imagined. Sibling rivalry soon rears its ugly head. Bree now finds little solace at school or at home and her special friendships are suddenly in jeopardy. This book would appeal to girls more than boys and would be suitable for 10-12 year olds.


  1. For 12 years, Bree has wanted a sister. Now she has one, and she discovers that being an older sister isn't all it's cracked up to be! She cries, gets shouted at and shouts herself more in one week than the 12 years before Alice came.
    This is a great book and I would recommend it to any good reader.

  2. For 12-year-old Bree, she has always wanted a little sister. And because her 8-year-old cousin Alice's Mother had died, so Alice has to come and live with Bree and her parents. However, after Bree met Alice, Bree wasn't very happy. First, Bree thought her new sister would look just like Alice off 'Alice in wonderland', but Alice looks nothing like her. Also, to start with, Alice would hardly ever talk to Bree, but after a while they start to be really good friends, while all Bree's other friends start to leave her. Anyway I think it's a great book and I think you should read it.