Thursday, June 9, 2011

Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick

Maxwell Kane is a lumbering grade eight student who describes himself as a "butthead goon," has lived with grandparents Grim and Gram ever since his father was imprisoned for murdering his mother. He is bullied at school despite his size and has been kept back due to poor grades. He meets Kevin, aka Freak, when he is receiving tutoring with his reading. Keith is a genius with a serious birth defect which has left him in braces and using crutches. Max is uplifted by Freak's imagination and booming confidence, while Freak gets a literal boost hoisted onto Max's shoulders, he shares Max's mobility. Together they become Freak the Mighty, an invincible duo. I have the DVD which students can borrow when they have read the novel. It seems popular with the grade 6 boys. Simon found the sequel called Max the Mighty at the local library.

Here is a clip from the movie entitled The Mighty

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  1. Max is seven feet tall and very strong and very big. freak is small but very inttelligent, together they become freak the mighty. I really enjoyed reading this book and following the odd freindship of max and freak. With an different but effective way of writing I highly reccomend this to any reader.