Monday, November 4, 2013

Mrs Pepperpot's Outing by Alf Prøysen

This is the first Alf Prøysen book I have ever read and it was a delightful read, nothing deep, stories about a little lady who shrinks at the least inopportune moments, and whose clothes intriguingly enough shrink with her which is very convenient. The Norwegian author, Alf Prøysen,  was born back in 1914 and sadly only lived to be fifty-six. He was well known for his children's books as well his contributions to the music and television industries. Mrs Pepperpot, the protagonist, lives with her husband Mr Pepperpot on a hillside in Norway. The main story in this book revolves around a car ride with Mr Pepperpot searching for some interesting activities in which to partake.  Whilst he is muddling through these, Mrs Pepperpot is busy collecting stray animals, all of whom rescue her during her shrinking episodes. The stories don't require a great deal of brain power to decode, but they are intriguing and obscure enough to keep you reading. To my way of thinking, students who enjoy the adventures of Pipi Longstocking and Enid Blyton books,  may well find the Pepperpot series of interest.