Monday, June 6, 2011

Wreck by Allan Baillie

This is a real gem of an Australian children's book which would be appropriate for 10-14 year olds. It is about two children, Renee and Ian, who find themselves in the middle of a cyclone. They eventually seek safety in a beach cave after their houses are destroyed. Later they emerge to be confronted with a huge wreck of a freighter washed up on the rocks. They clamber aboard but are not prepared for what awaits them there. Alan Baillie writes the following about his novel: "The spark for this story had to keep on glowing for about twenty-five years before it was written. Back then, my wife and I were cruising near Noosa, when we saw a freighter, the Cherry Venture, driven by a storm onto a beach. The freighter had been on the beach for only a couple of months and that image stayed with me."

Allan had a close encounter of his own.

The Cherry Venture wreck was removed from the beach in 2007. Here are some photos of it.

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