Monday, February 22, 2016

The Little Cat and the Greedy Old Woman by Joan Rankin

The story revolves around a little cat who one day is unceremoniously shooed out into the pouring rain after he attempts to gain a taste of a special roast dinner the "greedy old woman" has prepared. The anger which grows inside him causes him to grow into a great jungle tiger tyrant and he reenters the house hell-bent on revenge. The moggy is a lovable villain and the  muted softer watercolours used for the house and the old woman are contrasted with the vibrant oranges and browns used for the terrifying tiger cat. An amusing read.

Dragon by Wayne Anderson

If you love dragons then surely this is a book you will enjoy. One day, a mother dragon accidentally drops an egg from the sky into the ocean. When the newborn emerges, he spends  many months trying to find his place amongst animals such as fish, insects, birds, snakes and even a crocodile.  He is desperate to find his mother and despairing after his many encounters with other creatures...until he finds a special young boy who happily lends a helping hand. This is a warm and reassuring story about a magical creature's search for his identity and his home.Wayne Anderson is a respected English author/artist who has received the Society of Illustrators Gold Medal for best children's book, as well as many other accolades. The misty, mysterious illustrations greatly enhance the story and make it something  very special.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Another Custard Pie by Roger McGough & Graham Percy

Another Custard Pie by Roger Mc Gough and published in 1993, is written in rhyming couplets and tells the story about a boy who dreams of running away to join the circus and awakes to find that the circus chaos has come to his house instead. The living room houses the big top, a baby elephant is playing the piano and his little sister is checking out the inside of a tiger's mouth. 

There is a lion in the wardrobe
And it's trying on my clothes.
There is a seal in the bath
With a potty on it's nose.

About ever kind of circus act is given some kind of reference or recognition, including a bear on a pogo stick and a kangaroo and a camel playing "Catch-the -Ball."

In the end the boy has had enough and changed his mind completely.