Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buzzard Breat & Brains by James Moloney

This is the humorous, moving sequel to James Moloney's award-winning Swashbuckler. What has happened to the two bullies Rex and Tony since the first novel? When the Principal's prized rose garden was vandalised, Rex and his mate Tony copped the blame. But it was a set-up and Tony is now making inquiries over the episode. Rex's cousin Natalie is on the case as well. Now which which way will Rex jump, as he discovers a new friend, an age-old dilemma and even netball. If you thought Rex had an attitude problem, wait till you meet Natalie, queen of the netball court and an absolute horror to anyone who dares to mess with her. Rex and Natalie are on opposing netball teams in the "great netball massacre," boys versus girls. Who is going to win? And what is the weasel Tony up to now?

See what James Moloney has to say about writing stories:

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