Tuesday, June 28, 2011

They've Put Custard in My Bone by Murray Ball

Published in 1983 the humour has not dated and students will appreciate the rivalry between Dog, the pampered corgi Prince Charles, and the ever-intimidating and invincible Horse, the cats who rules the roost. Most of the regulars are there: Cooch, Wal, Pongo and Aunt Dolly. Murray Ball from New Zealand does amazing comic strips. He well-known for his Footrot Flats series. This is but one of a staggering twenty-seven. These strips are based around the life of Wal Footrot's sheep dog, called the very original name of "Dog" and also other characters both human and animal that come into their lives. The humour comes through the day to day adversity of farming life. Dog likes to think of himself as tough and intelligent but often he is soft and a bit of a coward. Wal lives on 400 acres of swamp and is unmarried, but he does have an interest in Darlene, a hairdresser. There are many other characters but a memorable one is Prince Charles, a very spoilt corgi belonging to Aunt Dolly whose life is infinitely easier than Dog's life.

Here is a clip about the making of the film Footrot Flats:

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