Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sucked in: the Story of an Appendix on the Loose by Paul Jennings

If you enjoy really silly stories, or stories by Andy Giffith, you’ll love this one. It is all about a removed appendix who loves the boy he came from, and cannot bear to live without him. The boy loves his appendix too. They are separated and the appendix goes berserk and escapes his medical jar, wriggling around the town eating animals. It becomes more and more absurd and the ending is pretty nonsensical but it is good fun. The coloured illustrations by Terry Denton really complement the text. There is an appendix at the back of the book which fits nicely with the theme of the book wherein the author and illustrator exchange insults. It’s a very funny read for all ages and adults. Visit Paul's website by clicking on the link below the picture. Little Squirt, taken from his book Unmentionable, is worth a listen.

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