Friday, June 10, 2011

A Different Sort of Real by Kerry Greenwood

As the horrors of the First World War are drawing to a close, a danger has arisen that will kill more people around the world than the Great War itself-an influenza pandemic. This historical novel written in the style of a young girl's diary features teenager Charlotte McKenzie as the protagonist who shares her experiences of this influenza pandemic. She provides the reader with an insight into the post World War I period especially the daily goings-on in a working class Australian suburb. Charlotte assists the doctor next door and finds herself experiencing at close hand the effects of this devastating disease. When it finally attacks her own family, how can Charlotte cope? The book is written as a diary and I read it in one night. I couldn't believe the responsibilities this young girl had.

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  1. Great book i read it last year.
    the diary of Charlotte Mc Kenzie in an influenza pandemic in Melbourne in 1918. The Great War has just finished and the flu is spreading fast. Charlotte has just left school and helps the doctor next door. Every day she helps treat people for the killer disease and when it finally hits her own family she has to cope with all of this including the horrors of after war in the brave men who have returned. Definitely one you should read.