Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Captain Pugwash and the Birthday Pary by John Ryan

John Ryan's Pugwash started out as a cartoon strip over fifty years ago. Many of his stories were also made into simple animations. In this book that most unusual pirate, the greedy, selfish Captain Pugwash is at the helm once more. His familiar crew are all aboard. "Battering barnacles! It's a birthday cake!" he cried. "From a friend." It's Captain Pugwash's birthday and he's planning a huge party. His worst enemy Cut-throat Jake has not forgotten either and he has planned a very special surprise. The second story in the book,Captain Pugwash and the Sunken Silver,is probably the better of the two stories. Both stories have detailed, humorous ink illustrations. This is an easy read suitable for middle and upper primary students.

Here is a clip of a more recent version of Pugwash. Some would say it's not as good as the old series.

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