Thursday, June 23, 2011

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

This would have to be one of my all time favourites. I did it as a book study when I was in grade 7. I also love the film in which Dakota Fanning stars as Fern. I have added a link to the trailer and also to an interview with Dakota who incidentally has always loved this classic. The book begins when John Arable's sow gives birth to a litter of piglets. One of them is a runt and he decides to kill it. However, Fern is outraged, and Wilbur, as she names him, becomes her pet. However, later on Wilbur discovers he is going to be eaten at Christmas and luckily Charlotte his spider friend writes a message praising Wilbur "Some Pig" which amazes all he he can live a little longer. Templeton, the rat, keeps the story interesting. What eventually happens to Wilbur and Charlotte? Read the book to find out. There are now three copies of this novel in the Little Library of Rescued Books, so you could read it with a couple of your friends.


  1. I thought this was an absolutely fantastic read. It's full of not only fiction, but shows that you can't have life without death. I thought Wilbur was very funny, but it was a bit sad how Fern grew up and didn't visit Wilbur, but sadder that Charlotte died. Yet, it shows you can't have death without life, with Charlotte leaving behind thousands of children. It shows that men are very gullible, they went as far to say, "Spiders can't write." I loved this book. Ten out of ten.

  2. I completely agree with "anonymous". I also found it sad towards the end but I loved it how you had a clear picture in your head contantly of what was going on due to the description and the very talented and detailed ink drawings. If you have not read Charlotte's Web make sure you get your hands on a copy. Out of ten I also give it a ten.