Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

I liked the book more the film only because I feel the characters are not really developed enough in the movie.
The book was originally written in German but was translated into English in 2002. If you like Harry Potter books then you will most likely appreciate the novels by Funke. Running away to Venice seemed like a good idea to Bo and Prosper after their mother's death given that she loved the city so much. Following a difficult journey, they find a place with other homeless children who live in an abandoned theatre. Their leader is the charming, slightly mysterious Scipio, known as the Thief Lord. Like Robin Hood, Scipio robs the rich to provide his poor friends with food and the necessities of life. Scipio usually takes jewels, but he's hired to steal a most unusual item for a pawnbroker's wealthy client, a broken wooden wing. The wing as it turns out is part of a magical carousel that has the power to change children into adults, and adults into children. During this adventure, secrets about the characters and their fantastic world are revealed. I have the DVD if anyone in Bay Unit wants to watch it after reading the novel. Here is preview of the film, the trailer:

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