Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Weeks With the Queen by Morris Gleitzman

There are now two copies of this book in the unit, so you could read it athe same time as a friend, which is always fun.

Two Weeks with the Queen was another book I had to read in one sitting. The story revolves around Colin, whose younger brother has cancer. Colin is sent to stay with relatives in London and decides that he can do something to help his brother. It is a combination of humour and pathos and would be enjoyed by any upper primary student. Here is Colin's letter to the Queen:

"Dear Your Majesty the Queen,

I need to speak to you urgently about my brother Luke. He's got cancer and the doctors in Australia are being really slack. If I could borrow your top doctor for a few days I know he/she would fix things in no time. Of course Mum and Dad would pay his/her fares even if it meant selling the car or getting a loan. Please contact me at the above address urgently.
Yours sincerely,
Colin Mudford."

Listen to chapter 1 by clicking the link below:

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