Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sticky Beak by Morris Gleitzman

"I put my face close to the cocky's and gave it a look. Don't be scared, you poor little thing,' the look said. 'I want to help you. 'Rack off,' said the cocky." (The cocky reminds me of Claude the Crow from Shirl's Neighbourhood).

Now, the very last thing Rowena wants in her life is a cockatoo with a bad temper. She's got enough problems of her own. For a start, she's just spattered two hundred grown-ups with jelly and custard. However, Rowena comes to discover that a crazy cockatoo could actually be just what she needs. This is the hilarious sequel to to Blabber Mouth from one of Australia's best known authors. Click on the link under the picture to read and hear the first chapter of the book.


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