Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Riverman by Allan Baillie

I bought this hardback copy off the man himself, Allan Baillie when he came to promote his book in Queenstown. There is an inscription from him on the inside cover. The book is set on the rugged west coast of Tasmania at the time of the Mount Lyell mine disaster in 1912. Twelve year old Tim is forced into adulthood when his father dies and has to learn to overcome his grief and resentment to become a riverman in the wilderness. I would recommend this book to readers from 11-14. Below is a link to Allan Baillie's website:


  1. Set in Tasmania this book really appealed to me because I have been to most of these places that the characters talk about and go to. This book is definitely the most difficult book that I have ever read, the dense character descriptions and all the dialogue was really difficult to decode, I think that I killed a good ten or so hours reading this book. I made the joke of saying that Hugh Jackman was on the front cover, nobody agreed with me though.

  2. Great book! I agree with you about Hugh Jackman, seen all of his movies. Mrs C.