Friday, January 27, 2012

Water Bombs by Steven Herrick

Steven Herrick is one of Australia's most popular poets. He has published many poetry book for adults, teenagers,and children. He prefers free verse and performs his poems throughout Australian schools, in pubs, at festivals and on radio and television. This is one of my favourites from this book.

10 Things You Will Never Say to Your Teacher:
Yes Mrs Meldrum, we'd love some more homework.
You never give us enough.
Oh no, not Sport again. Can't we stay inside and do Maths, please?
Yes Mrs Meldrum, we'd love to clean the classroom.
We hate it when it looks a mess.
We agree Mrs Meldrum, exams are fun.
What's that? You are sending us to the Principal.
Great! We love the Principal.

Yes Ms, you certainly do look too young to be a teacher.
Oh no, not another excursion!
We hate the beach.
Yes Ms, that was the lunch bell, but let's finish the lesson first.

We can wait for lunch.
But Ms, Mufti Days are so boring.
Can't we wear our uniforms instead?
Is tomorrow the last day of school?
Oh no. We hate holidays.
Can we come to school next week anyway Ms?
Please Ms, please.

Click on the link below to hear Steven reading his poem Trains which is also in this book:

Here's another from the book entitled To My Son Joe:

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