Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Paw Thing by Paul Jennings

Scott works at Major Mac's take-away chicken joint and there he become acquainted with Singenpoo the cat. Why such a weird name for a cat? Well, it so happened that Sigenpoo once swallowed a radio and as a result her owner, Mac, made her sit her on a chair every evening with her mouth open so he could listen to the news. She also had to follow him around everywhere so he could listen to music. One day, Mac found a cat poo singing the song "Please release me, Let Me Go" and that's when he recovered the radio. Anyway, Singenpoo wasn't much of a mouser and Mac was not hapy with her at all, and even less so when his secret recipe for making delicious fried chicken goes missing and a rival take-away is selling chicken that tastes suspiciously like his recipe. Singenpoo gets the blame and is going to be put down, and that's when kind-hearted Scott comes to her rescue. This is a humorous story and the illustrations by Keith McEwan add to the comical situations. It's a small book and could be read in one or two silent reading sessions.

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