Monday, January 16, 2012

Portrait of Dog by David Rish

This novel is written by one of Tasmania's own, David Rish, a writer and a dramatist who currently lives in Hobart. In fact the book, which has been signed by the author, is set in Hobart. Whilst in a second-hand shop, Rob, an aspiring artist, discovers a paintbox with a face etched in miniature on the lid. He is instinctively drawn to the box and is bitterly disappointed when he finds it has been sold. Much to his surprise his parents have purchased it for him for his thirteenth birthday. His irresistible desire to discover the history of the box leads him to the derelict Heart Field House and to its sole and exuberant occupant, Dog. Who is this mysterious waif who seem to understand Rob more than he does himself? She has some eerie connection to the former mistress of the house, the shadow-woman.

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