Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thalia the Failure by Robin Klein

Thalia Birtles isn't really interested in being a witch but her dominating mother sends her to Aquila's Academy anyway promising the school a planetarium when Thalia graduates. Despite all her best endeavours, Thalia can only sweep with a broom, fails at cauldron cookery, and can only see her own reflection in a crystal ball. To make matters even worse, the other students comprised of gremlins, hemlocks, genies and Count Dracula 11 despise her wealth and ridicule her efforts, and the Madame Aquila, head of the academy, isn't exactly encouraging. Hectate, the teenage witch is particularly nasty and relentless in her bullying of Thalia. Thalia just want to go to a normal school and be with normal human beings. This book is a quick little read and the text is accompanied by full page ink drawings which bring the characters to life.

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