Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Rainbow Bear by Michael Morpugo

I am snow bear. I am sea bear. I am white bear. I wander far and wide, king in my wild white wilderness.

Thus begins The Rainbow Bear written from the point of view of the polar bear, with its crisp short sentence delivery, alliteration and poetic text. With its frisking foxes, slow seals, wallowing walruses and flashing fish, and the grinding and groaning ice, the story of the polar bear and the harshness or its existence gently unfolds. He follows rainbows and is desperate to become a rainbow bear, and one day his wish is fulfilled. Then come the hunters, looking for the unique things in nature and his life takes a turn for the worse...I collect polar bear picture books and this one is a welcome addition to my collection. Michael Foreman's delicate and evocative paintings do not disappoint. Be careful what you wish for!

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