Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skating on Sand by Libby Gleeson

This is the first book in the award winning series about Hannah and her family. In this book the family is off camping at a beach in New South Wales and Hannah is taking her skates even though everyone is telling her there is going to be nowhere suitable to skate. Her two older sisters Lena and Sue practically ignore her the whole trip. Hannah finds herself locked in a toilet, constantly with battle scars and excluded from the friendship group, but still she makes the most of her holiday and is determined to skate on sand. This narrative is driven by Hannah's determination to skate and the illustrations by Ann James, sometimes, full page really help bring the whole family camping scene to life. It is a pleasant and easy read for an upper primary student, probably a great book to slot in between more challenging texts. Her book Hannah Plus One, was Book of the Year in 1997. Check out her website for information on her books for older readers too:

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