Monday, January 30, 2012

Adults Only by Morris Gleitzman

Jake lives on a remote island off the Australian coast with his parents. His best friend is Crusher, an antique stuffed bear. His parents run an "Adults Only" resort on the island and Jake spends his days surfing the internet, exploring the island and keeping a low profile. He does his school lessons via two-way radio. Life for Jake is rather lonely and he would just love to have a few friends, so he decides to invite some of the families of the students in his class. However, he accidentally includes a VIP magazine in his class mailing list and two journalis turn up to do a feature story about the island. Jakes finds himself trapped under the bed in their bedroom and can't believe what is going to happen next. Listen to Morris Gleitzman read the first chapter of the book by clicking on the link below the cover.

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