Monday, January 30, 2012

Unmentionable by Paul Jennings

Paul Jennings surely is the Australian master of the humorous short story. I picked this book up intending to read a couple of the stories and read the lot in one sitting. These stories will hook you in. There are nine stories in all: Ice Maiden, Birdman, Little Squirt, The Mouth Organ, The Velvet Throne, Cry Baby, Ex Poser, Sloppy Jalopy, and...Eyes Know. Birdman is my favourite story from this book. It is all about a birdman contest, for which the kids all make flying contraptions to see how far they can fly after jumping off the local pier. Sean isn't doing so well especially after his arch enemy steals his glider. But he finds a hat made from a cat on the beach. Now this cat is something of copy cat and when a person puts it on their head strange things can happen. Unmentionable will leave you thinking what a boring life you lead.

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