Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Cat Dictionary by Peter Mandel

Do you want to sharpen up on your cat vocabulary? Plain good fun and definitely a book for cat lovers and lovers of language, this dictionary is a tongue-in-cheek book about cat behaviour. Author Peter Mandell takes a look at the words in the English dictionary beginning with cat and then puts his own quirky interpretation on each one, cat-related of course. Here are a few from the book:

catapult: Any piece of furniture that your pet tends to use as a springboard while tearing around the house like a maniac. Popular choices include the backs of antique wing chairs and sofa cushions.

catnip: A feline's not-so-friendly way of informing you that you had better stop scratching its fluffy white tummy, or else.

catastrophe: A prize given annually to the cat that engineers the most spectacular domestic disaster.

Peter Mandel is an American writer living in Providence, Rhode Island with his wife Kathy and cat Chuck. He has written books for adults and children including The Official Cat I.Q Test and Red Cat, White Cat. The text is accompanied by black ans white illustrations by Annette Busse.

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