Monday, January 9, 2012

Fast Food and No Play Make Jack a Fat Boy by Andy Griffiths, Jim Thompson and Sophie Blackmore

This book is a team effort by Andy Griffiths (humorous Australian Author), Jim Thompson (a former athlete and fitness instructor), and Sophie Blackmore (a dietician). Whilst having an entertaining storyline, it is also filled with practical information and advice on being healthy. Jack is an ordinary Australian boy who shares his life with us; he is overweight, always tired and addicted to computer games and television. Suddenly this lifestyle is causing him real issues, especially when his father, on whom many of his habits are modelled, has a major health scare. It is clear that things around the house are going to have to change.. Each chapter in Jack's life is complemented with a discussion of real-life facts as well as easy-to-follow strategies for making the necessary changes. This book is as much for adults as it is for children, and it would also make an excellent read-aloud novel for the whole class. Meet one of the authors, Andy Griffiths, by clicking on the link below:

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