Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Little Girl and the Tiny Doll by Edward and Aingelda Ardizzone

A tiny, unloved doll finds herself discarded in a deep freezer in a grocery shop. Life is cold (obviously) and hard. The doll is lonely, and frightened and constantly dodging the hands or rummaging shoppers. Then one day a little girl comes along, notices the dolls, but is too well-mannered to take something from the supermarket that is not hers. She makes the doll some warm clothes and life in the freezer is suddenly much less frosty for the doll. This is a very quaint little read and the illustrations are quite beautiful and depict the 1960's with the ladies in their hats, the boxed grocery items (not a sign of a plastic bag), the bedroom decor of the little girl. Illustrator Edward Ardizzone was an official war artist and there is an interesting website with a biography and some stunning examples of his gentle art. Click on the link below:

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