Monday, January 30, 2012

Puppy Fat by Morris Gleitzman

This novel is set in London. The main character, 13 year-old Keith Shipley, introduced in Misery Guts and Worry Warts, is preoccupied with the fact that both of his recently-separated parents are letting their appearances go to such a point that they will not be able to attract new partners. Unbeknownst to either parent, Keith begins a campaign to find them both a suitable partner by placing advertisments in the local paper, and using his artistic abilities to promote them. Meanwhile, his best friend, Tracy who lives in Australia, and her Aunty Bev turn up for a visit. It's as far fetched as a story could, get but Gleitzman's endearing and eccentric characters more than make up for this. Keith's complete incompetence and increasingly grandiose and ridiculous schemes which are doomed to failure, will keep you turning the pages and bring a smile to your face. Why not listen to the author reading the first chapter of the book by clicking on the link below the cover:

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