Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thelwell's Brat Race by Norman Thelwell

Bringing up children has never been easy and anyone who thinks it is obviously has never had children. Here is Norman Thelwell's tongue in cheek child-rearing manual, and it is a humorous read. His cartoons say it all. The chapters are:
The Little Stranger, What's in a Name?, The Little Mystics, Children's Pets, Toys and Presents, Children's Ward, How to give a Party, Things That Go Bump in the Night, and...How to Keep Them Happy. So if you are looking for some light reading just grab this book off the shelves on the Little Library of Rescued Books.

Sadly, this wonderful author, cartoonist, is no longer with us but he will live on through his publications. To find out more about this famous British cartoonist and his works, click on the link below to go straight to his website:

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