Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was written in 1972 and is the first of the “Fudge books”. It was followed by Superfudge, Fudge-A-Mania and Double Fudge. This book captures what it means to be a kid with a little sibling. This book is not afraid to say that little brothers and sisters can be annoying brats. This book looks at the difficulties older children have to deal with when they're forced to abandon their personal privacy and sanity for the sake of a younger brother or sister. Peter Hatcher is nine years old and has the demanding job of dealing with almost-three-year-old Fudge at all times. Fudge is what a polite person would call a lively child. However, as far as Peter is concerned, he is nothing short of a holy terror. If he's not sticking green food stamps to full suitcases or refusing to eat until Peter stands on his head, he's leaping from large boulders trying to fly, or throwing mega- tantrums in shoe shops. Peter is understandably jealous of the amount of attention Fudge gets but one good thing in his life is his pet turtle, Dribble. Basically, each chapter in this book is a small story about the daily interactions and adventures of the Hatcher boys. This book has dated a little but is still an entertaining read. Find out more about Judy Blume and why she likes to write by watching this interview:

A television series was made based on the books:

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