Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Lonesome Howl by Steven Herrick

Now this might be a good book to take a look at since we are doing a big poetry unit in third term when I get back from France. Steven Herrick was the youngest of seven children, thought you might like to know that Caleigh. Lots of descriptive poetry about two families and bush life: Dad accidentally shooting Winnie the pig, a son escaping onto the shed roof for some peace and quiet, a wolf at Wolli Creek, Lucy crouching by the creek, Jake getting mad with Lucy at the swamp. The poems all link together to give you insight into family life: fun times, arguments, resentments and children with too many questions. Want to meet the author, see what he's like? Click on this link to hear him recite his poem Ten Things Your Parents Will Never Say:


  1. What can i say i love this book, started and finished it all on Friday , its a fantastic read and i would recommend it but it has little bit of swearing so i guess you would have to be a mature reader to read it, anyway thanks so much Mrs Coote it was a great read =)

  2. He also has a website which lists his other works.