Monday, July 11, 2011

Jodie's Journey by Colin Thiele

Colin Thiele, a true blue Australian author, is very worth reading. In this novel, Jodie rides her horse, Monarch, in shows with increasing success until the sudden onset of rheumatoid arthritis which prevents her from completing a ride in the last show of the season. After she is referred to a specialist in Adelaide she learns about the disease and how best to deal with it. The summer is overbearingly hot, perfect weather for a bushfire! On what became known as Ash Wednesday, Jodie is home alone, when fires, fuelled by a strong wind, break out in the hills around Adelaide. Jodie decides to set Monarch free and in her wheelchair, leads the way to safety. The story is easy to read and the facts about juvenile arthritis are clearly portrayed. Jodie’s is a very emotional struggle.


  1. Hi my name is jodi. I received this novel for my 13 the birthday, now an adult I still remember how much this story touched me.

  2. I have recently reread this book after I purchased it from prize money I got from a local show. Very moving story.

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