Friday, July 8, 2011

101 Excuses For Not Doing Homework by Carly Little

Haven't done your homework, again? I know a couple of gals who could do with some fresh excuses. Were you robbed last night and the only thing they took was your homework? Or maybe it was washed and you forgot to unpeg it from the line. Give this a read for a fresh approach, but remember I've read it too. Maybe the excuses could come in handy next year. The cartoons are fab.

Mrs C.


  1. I really like this book because of the illustrations. They are really detailed and they show the little boy in all of the illustrations. Some of the excuses are really good but some are also really unbeliveible and I would never use them.

  2. hes not a little boy

  3. I bought this book back in 1995 at a book sale at the University of Western Australia.
    When I returned home, I brought them to the English classes I taught and my students enjoyed this book very much. :-)

  4. I bought this book at a book sale at the University of Western Australia sometime in July 1995.
    When I returned home to Indonesia, I showed this book to the English classes I taught back then, my students enjoyed it very much. Yes the cartoons are fabulous.