Thursday, July 21, 2011

Playing With Fire ny Anthony Masters

Tim's school has just moved into a brand new building, but I bet he doesn't have views out of his classroom window like we do in Bay unit. No views, but ghosts. You see, the new school has been built on the site of an ancient abbey. This is what the local newspaper had to say about it:
The new St Elmer's Primary school opens on Monday on land that has remained derelict since the eleventh century. Until now, local superstition has always prevented the land from being used. Legend has it that there was once a small abbey on the site and that the last few monks there forgot their own vows and began to rob the local community. They were thought to have amassed a fortune before the abbey was struck by lightening and burnt to the ground. The Masked Monks as they were known, perished in the flames, but it has always been suspected that the treasure survived as the monks were reputed to have hidden it down a well...
This is a fun read with quirky ink drawing scattered throughout. It has strong characterization and moves along at a good pace. British author, Anthony Masters, is no longer with us, but his books live on. Click here to see just how many books he has penned:

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