Thursday, July 21, 2011

Against the Odds by Robin Klein

Against the Odds...well, what are the odds of buying a book at a second hand shop, and to find out it was a present bought by one of your colleagues for one of their relations? Against the odds I'd say. But, then again, Tasmania is such a small island! Don't have the time for a full blown novel? Well why not try this book of short stories. Are you into the Master Chef telly programs, well, The Two Chefs may be the story for you. In this story the disastrous competition between two chefs results in gastronomic chaos. Or maybe you'd prefer the story where a little girl sees the sky for the first time...hmmm gotta ask yourself why. Or maybe you would rather read about Zarab-Hasaka, a genie who has been sealed inside little green bottle for several hundred years, a bit like been stuck in your house writing reports for two weeks.

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