Sunday, November 6, 2011

Speedy by Colin Thiele

Set in South Australia, this little novel is a snapshot of a few years in the lives of a fishing family. Ben and his father Mike spend a lot of time in their boat Swordfish out fishing in the Gulf and enjoying the freedom of the sea. They have formed a very special relationship with a dolphin whom they named Speedy after he saved Mike's life when Mike was just five years old. Enter taciturn Boris Butler, who believes dolphins are stealing all his fish, and who wants to win the annual fishing boat race at the Pebble Bay Fish Festival at all costs. Life in the bay becomes even more complicated when big game fishermen, Darcy Drake and Wolf Haast, enter the scene and rumours abound that sea lions and dolphins are being used as bait. This book is only 80 pages long and makes for enjoyable reading. The accompanying ink illustrations are done by Tasmanian illustrator Coral Tulloch. News of the passing of this great Australian writer in 2006 was minimal as he died on the same day as media personality, Steve Irwin.

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