Monday, November 7, 2011

The Bad Book by Andy Griffith & Terry Denton

Just ask James in my class if this book is worth reading and he will give you a resounding YES. I must agree they are pretty funny and definitely a little off beat, and sometimes, somewhat foul. Take this little one about grannies; totally politically correct, of course...NOT:

The Bad Granny
Once upon a time there was a bad granny.

She was bad
and evil
and mean

In fact she was so bad and evil and mean that they put her in a truck with all the other bad grannies and took her to the Granny Smith Apple Factory.

The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Poo is quite a take on the traditional old lady who simply swallowed a spider!

Terry Denton's ink drawings add greatly to the humour of the poems and riddles. So if you are feeling a bit sad or slightly depressed this book will bring you some cheer.

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