Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chasing Rainbows by Lucinda Haslinger

Trevor is different from everyone; he is blind and now he finds himself away from his beloved farm life and thrust into city life by his foster parents in order to learn more about his background. He has his own system of measurement, his steps being measured in pumpkins (big steps), cabbages and broccoli. Whilst he has friends at the school he has to attend for a month, he also senses animosity and is the target for bullying. Brian is a student to be avoided at all costs, continually taunting him and making life difficult. Ronnie is desperate to be his friend but backs off every time Brian is around, and then there's Talia, the angel who takes him under her wing. This book doesn't reveal its secret until close to the end and it certainly surprised me. The books deals with the differences between country and city, cultures and interpersonal relationships. All the action is filtered through Trevor who struggles to understand his new environment.

I am Trevor.
My world is black.
The nightmare is just beginning.

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  1. Hai, sorry but I read this book years ago and unfortunately misplaced it. I have always been looking for this book 'chasing rainbow' but has never been able to find it with the same cover that i remembered it as. But wow its the same book with the colorful cover. It was nice seeing this again, i really hope i find my copy.