Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lockie Leonard Scumbuster by Tim Winton

There are two copies of this in our little library. A beaut Australian novel through and through which is all about the trials and tribulations of teenage "surfrat" Lockie Leonard who lives in Angelus and who likes to surf the Sound. Lockie befriends Geoff, known as Egg, who is a Metal Head and together they embark on an ecological crusade to save their harbour from industrial vandals whose nose and ear-rotting goo they spew into the waterways (indeed Lockie has the inopportune moment to spew it right back). Throw in a complicated relationship with Dot, another young surfer who has the looks of a model and whose mother is a well-known ecological activist, and you have a book you won't be able to put down. This is the second in a series of three books by Tim Winton. It was preceded by Lockie Leonard, the Human Torpedo and followed by Lockie Leonard, Legend. These books were adapted for the 26 part television series which was filmed in Albury, Western Australia and first screened in 2007. This series was then followed by a second series in 2010. The appeal of the books is universal but I believe teenage boys would particularly enjoy them. This second novel is humorous, moves along well, and has lots of Australian slang: "His hair was black too, and cut in a stiff dunny brush do." - "Snagged the wedding tackle, eh?." - "Neil Young's a bit of a drip." - "...the rest of the year had been a bit of a hoot." - "His Mambo tee-shirt and Rusty boardshorts would identify him as a true grommet." There are also many references to Australian towns and famous Australian personalities, and whilst this book would not be so accessible to non-Australians, it is nevertheless enjoyable and gettable! I guess it is like when I read Scottish writer Stuart MacBride and he constantly refers to all things Scottish, totally alien to an Aussie reader, like butties and shoogeling. Still I am intrigued and I keep reading his books. Tim Winton is one of Australia's best!

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