Thursday, November 24, 2011

Peterson First Guides: Dinosaurs by John C. Kricher

Now it might seem odd to see a guide to identifying dinosaurs given that they are all long gone, however, dinosaurs are in the public eye more than ever today than they have been since their discovery about a 170 years ago. Dozens of new species emerge every year, with Argentina and China being hot spots lately for amazing new finds. This little book gives a background to the Triassic Period, Jurassic Period and the Cretaceous Period as well as lots of information on the dinosaurs as well. For each dinosaur mentioned, there is a sketch and often information and additional sketches to do with its anatomical features. There are certainly some weird and wonderful creatures in the book who had some equally bizarre habits. The only draw back for Australian students is that all the measurements are given in the imperial system. This aside, it is a great little read if you are interested in dinosaurs.

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