Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Gizmo Again by Paul Jennings

Not really into big novels that take a while to read? This small novel which deals with bullying and bystanders and is a quick and enjoyable read. Jack is being bullied, and relentlessly, so he decided it is time he joined Gutsit's gang, at least that way may they might leave him alone. However, he finds himself caught up in their disgusting acts and doing things he doesn't really like. Then out of the blue Mr Whippy gives him a gizmo, and now he has even more to worry about. Whilst this books deals with the complexities of bullying, it also has many light-hearted moments that will have you very amused. It could be read in a couple of hours and might just make you a fan of Paul Jennings who has a lot to offer upper primary students. We have two copies in our little library so you could read it with a friend.

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