Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wild and Woolly by Nan Hunt & Noela Hills

Wild and Woolly by Nan Hunt is a very off-beat little book about Mr Martin, who just can't get to sleep. His wife suggest he try the age old solution of counting sheep. Instead of nodding off to sleep Mr Martin begins the arduous task of buying sheep from an auction, rounding them up and generally coping with the workload a big flock brings. He is getting anything but a good night's sleep. "He almost went to sleep pondering the problem but he was a persistent man so he stayed awake." All of the  illustrations by Noela Hills are double page spreads and are very striking and detailed. This hardback edition is signed by Nan Hunt and Noela Hills as well as other Australian authors who were at the launching of this book in 1983. It is a beautiful addition to the Little Library of Rescued Books.

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