Monday, March 11, 2013

Mrs Bottle Burps by Robyn Archer and Victoria Roberts

This wacky book puts a whole new spin on Jerusalem artichokes, especially the parboiled, pan-fried variety. You see, Mrs Bottle Burps keeps a garden of the more exotic fruits and vegetables such as, pawpaws, mangoes, custard apples and fresh limes, asparagus and Jerusalem artichokes; the other more mundane ones, she prefers to buy from the fruit and veg shop. She loves to cook, she loves to party and, she loves a dash of brandy now and then. Now, one evening after eating an exquisite dinner she prepared complete with Jerusalem artichokes, she finds herself wanting to burp, but quite unable to do so. The following day her friends rally around and it is decided that garlic might be the necessary cure-all. What happens after that is simple ludicrous.

The illustrations by Victoria Roberts are really out there, detailed and colourful they add to the eccentricity of the characters and to the overall bizarre nature of this book. Roberts is also well-known for her cartoons which have appeared in the Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Cleo and other papers and magazines.  She is also a serious artist. Her website is worth a visit:

There is also a song about this extraordinary lady put out by author, Robyn Archer, who is also a singer, an actress, a musician and a composer.'s+(Absolutely+Blurtingly+Beautiful+World-Beating)+Burp

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