Thursday, March 28, 2013

From Midnight to Daybreak by Kirsten Hall & Martha Dory

Eight year old Amy is desperate to own a horse and she has her eye on the family's black Arabian stallion. No matter how many hints she drops, she isn't having any success as her father believes the horse to be too headstrong for such a young girl. Amy's birthday is coming up so she is putting the pressure on her parents. The big day comes, she receives an amazing cake, her hopes are high, but it seems she is not going to get a birthday present she so desperately wants.  Then, the following morning, her parents wake her early to an unexpected surprise. The illustrations by Marta Doty will not disappoint and appear on each double page of text. This is a relatively short and simple, but not "babyish" text for a middle or upper primary student needing a break from a longer novel.The title is a beautiful play on words and very apt for the book.

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