Friday, February 17, 2012

Welcome to the Dead House by R.L.Stine

Now I thought this book would be pretty tame but it is actually quite scary. Josh, his sister Amanda and their parents inherit a big, old house in a town called Darkfalls  from an unknown Uncle Charles. They make the decision to move from their cosy, but humble little suburban home for a more affordable and relaxed lifestyle. Amanda keeps seeing faces and people in the house and in her bedroom, Josh has never liked the house from the start, and their dog Petey begins acting in a very peculiar manner and is always running towards the cemetery for some strange reason. Throw in one Mr Dawes from the local Real Estate Agency, and a gang of children who one by one reveal they also lived in that house at one stage, and you have the recipe for a pretty engrossing story. I read it in one sitting and found the plot to be most satisfying. There is one loss I wasn't expecting and some children might find this a bit sad. Anyway, it's the number one book in the Goosebumps series and at least worth a look at.

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