Monday, February 13, 2012

Timmy by Colin Thiele

As with many of Colin Thiele's books this one deals with the relationship between a young boy and an animal. Denny is devastated when he watches a beautiful hare ripped apart by the Lukins' greyhounds. He is a timid and insecure twelve year old who has recently lost both of his parents and struggling in his new country evironment. He has a favourite pepper tree which he climbs, and his aunt has just given him Uncle Andy's old binoculars, so from the safety of his tree Denny  observes the rituals of his neighbours and the happenings in his district. There is definitely something strange going on oat Mario's farm next door. He comes across a baby hare and captures it believing this to be necessary to its well-being. The novel then follows the individual growth of  Denny as he cares for his hare, whom he names Timmy. The soft pencil drawings by Lyn Wood are scattered throughout the novel and reinforce the relationship between Denny and Timmy.

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