Monday, February 6, 2012

My Sisters' a Yo-yo by Gretel Killeen

This would have to be the most ridiculously silly book I have ever read but it is funny. Zeke and his sister Eppie are sitting in the car waiting for their mum. He is bored:

Then he got bored again, so he did a little fart, and then he imagined that all the air was gone from the car and he was dying of suffocation (this actually wasn't very hard), and then he stopped, and burped the alphabet. Then he breathed out deeply, rolled his eyes and checked under the car seats for jewelled boxes of hidden treasure, and that's when he found his favourite thing in the world. That's when he found his yo-yo.

Eppie his sister suddenly shrinks to the size of a strawberry and Zeke gets the yo-yo tangled up in her hair when he is being silly. And, basically the whole book is about the saga of Eppie being caught up in the yo-yo for the day at school. It is all about: a blind mum, escape, theft, brats, bullies, a fat school nurse, two goody-two-shoes, garbage trucks, magic lamps, scabs and snot. It is so far-fetched that you just have to laugh. Leigh Hobbs' illustrations as always are very comical and add greatly to the off-beat humour of author Gretel Killeen.

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