Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli

The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli should entertain most young children given their innate fascination with boxes. Both my grandchild, Archie, and both my own two children could get a great deal of excitement out of a simple cardboard box. How many parents have ever given their child a boxed toy only to that the recipient is much more interested in the box that it came in rather than the enclosed gift. The central character is a baby dressed only in a nappy  and a conical birthday hat. His fascination with the box does in fact extend to the puppy dog which he finds inside it. And...this box is a big one, big enough to get into. The rest of the book deals with his imaginative use of the box for play. My grandson, Archie, loved this book and he is not quite a year old. The pages are brightly coloured and the characters dominate the pages.  Below is a nice little resource that can be used with the book: 

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