Sunday, January 19, 2014

Monty the Runaway Mouse by Esta de Fossard and Haworth Bartram

"Usually Monty was a very happy little mouse. But today Monty was a miserable mouse."
Maybe he finally worked out his was just a stuffed mouse posed into sometimes uncompromising situations. This book was first published in 1976 and this is a 1985 edition. I haven't seen these books for years so I just had to buy it for my children's book collection. I always wondered if the other animals in the story were also taxidermically adjusted. The cat in this story is at least is alive, well it was at the time the book was created.. The story deals with a young mouse who leaves home because he has been disciplined by his mother, who is also stuffed. He packs his case and he leaves his hole, meets briefly with a doll and endeavours to find a safe haven in a bird's nest. He is quickly given short shift and spends the next few pages dealing with a ginger cat. I will be keeping my eye out for me of these creepy, yet adorable gems, especially the one about Huff, the grumpy pigeon.

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